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Speaking Topics

Genoways has presented professional training seminars and Certified Festival and Event Executive programs throughout North America, in the Middle East and New Zealand and teaches at the National Recreation and Parks Association Event Management School annually. She is best known for her courses and instruction in maximizing event revenue, festival operations and project management.

Topics and content can be designed to fit your needs.

Non Sponsorship Revenue

full day session

While many areas of professional education deal with sponsorship, the major portion of revenue generated by many event organizations comes from more traditional sources –tickets, food and beverage, and merchandise. This area of instruction is designed to examine these revenue sources and provide efficient processes and controls.


From Vision to Reality

2 hour session

Operations contributes significantly to the success of any event or festival. This session covers four main elements of operations; site selection and design, event infrastructure, support services, and planning and implementation tools.  Successfully planning for these essential operations elements can make or break an event and the planning tools provided will make the event planning and execution appear seamless.


Recruitment and Management

Volunteers are essential to the success of most festivals and events. This session provide you with tools and resources to maximize your volunteer program recruitment and management efforts.

Project Management

full day session

Project Management integrates all areas of event management to efficiently use your event resources and attain your objectives by delegating tasks to the event team and establishing a timeline. The session provides tools to manage phases of the event from the concept through the planning, preparation and execution.  

Membership Clubs

Upgraded Event Experiences to Boost Your Budget

The upgraded hospitality or membership club experience can yield great results without requiring a lot of resources. From small intimate settings to large corporate tents, upgraded experiences are a non-traditional revenue source that will make your patrons happy and boost your budget. 

Ten Things You Can Do to Maximize Your Event Revenue

In an industry that is constantly looking for new revenue streams and how to maximize current streams, this is a 'Top 10' checklist of critical areas to revisit at your event for increasing non-sponsorship revenues.

Comments from Course Evaluations

  • I’ve been in this business for a long time and learned a lot – came away with lots!

  • I thought the efficiency initiatives/internal controls she implemented were really innovative. 

  • Great how she engages the class to vocalize experiences.

  • Wonderful –many times over

  • Great info – very, very good

  • Great job – good info and interaction

  • Lots of great ideas – thank you

What were the strengths of the presenter?

  • Sharp, knowledgeable, quick, confident

  • Knowledge of different revenue sources

  • She was very enthusiastic and spoke well.

  • Her real world experience in cost averaging and assessment.

  • Thoroughly did her homework for this market

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