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With over 30 years of experience, our team will work with you to maximize your revenue, control cost and enhance your guest experience.  Our goal is to help you produce a professional, sustainable, high quality festival. 

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Event Planning

The process and activity of planning, organizing, implementing and controlling the event design, plan, resources and staffing to ensure an exceptional event experience for everyone; your guests, performers, volunteers, vendors and staff is essential to ensure a successful event.


One or more of your revenue categories is under-performing? Why?


Our services can help you implement practices that will maximize your revenue.  We analyze historical trends, assess existing practices, identify areas for improvement, and recommend a strategy to implement industry best practices that will help you achieve exceptional operational efficiency and accountability.



Essential components of successful product sales are,

  • Placement - location, location, location

  • Pricing - knowing your market

  • Product - offerings

  • Promotion - banners, signage, marketing

  • Inventory tracking, control & process

  • Operator efficiency - controls, tracking & evaluation

Event Execution

The expansive area of operations contributes significantly to the success of an event or festival. We can provide you with tools that will make the event planning and execution appear seamless. Five elements of operations that can make or break an event are,

  • Site selection and design

  • Event infrastructure - production requirements & resources

  • Support services - Internal and external event experience

  • Planning & implementation tools



An event lacked documentation of the process, procedures and resources required to effectively produce the event.

We worked with them to produce a "how to" event operations manual that included critical operational elements and resources - mission, goals, stakeholders, team, roles, timeline, and execution.


Effectively planning your site layout will significantly impact sales, safety and the overall experience for your patrons. 

Site selection & design. 

  • Festival site history - past issues?

  • Visualize venue- sit, walk, study locations, day & night

  • Access - determine traffic patterns for vehicles/emergencies, & patrons

  • Assess potential risks, i.e. weather, physical barriers 

  • Map - everything!! 

Event Assessment

How do you measure success?

Situation Analysis – Where are we now?

Development – Where do we want to go and how are we going to get there?

Execution – Implement improvements

Evaluation – How successful were we? 


An event identified several ongoing challenges in the event site footprint and layout. 


We conducted an onsite event assessment and proposed alterations to the site plan to enhance the patron experience, maximize resources, and improve event amenities and access. 


Become more “customer centric”.

  • Identify who your event patrons are and their needs.

  • Change your business strategy/mission to include your event patrons.

  • Hire and develop staff and volunteers with your event patrons in mind.

  • Assess the patron’s experience as part of key performance tracking.


"​Becky Genoways is that rare combination of professional who has extensive experience, awareness and success, across the spectrum of industry needs, together with an enthusiasm, passion and willingness to share that expertise with her peers around the world. The IFEA could not ask for a better ambassador, nor the industry a better partner" 

Steven Wood Schmader, CFEE - President & CEO, International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA World) 

"Our inventory had been disappearing, sales had been plummeting, accountability from our partners was nil.  Becky came in and managed the beverage booths like a business. Sales increased, theft was down and the concessions partners were responsible for selling and managing.  The Saint Louis Art Fair staff was ecstatic."

Cindy Lerick, CFEE - Past Executive Director, Saint Louis Art Fair

“Her success comes from leading by example, both in terms of work ethic and commitment to excellence.  Among her leadership attributes, she possesses great judgment, experience, integrity, a sense of fairness, a tireless work ethic, creativity, and an ability to find solutions and consensus in difficult situations.”

Laura Ortiz - Board Chairman, On the Waterfront, Inc.

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